Beauty Trends Report from Cidesco

beauty trendsCIDESCO Sections Report on latest Beauty Trends from around the world

Last year saw the beauty industry steadily rise as consumers across the world purchased more products than ever before. Whether seeking solace in a new moisturiser post-election in the USA or Brexit, glamming up for the party season or simply investing in our skin or wellbeing, people from all around the world continued to invest in their personal appearance.

CIDESCO, the World Standard for Beauty and Spa Therapy, with a membership spanning over 40 countries, reports some key trends for 2017 as reported by four of its Section representatives.


“In CIDESCO International’s home country of Switzerland, the defining facial feature of big, bold and beautiful brows will continue well into 2017”, comments Sandy Aerne at CIDESCO International.

Whether arched, feathered, straight or bold, the eyebrows are said to be most important and defining facial feature, so getting them right, is a must. There are many ways to update your eyebrows and as 2016 saw the rise in using pencils, powders and gels, 2017 is all about Microblading, a beauty treatment which is slowly but surely gathering momentum within the beauty world.

Designed to create a semi-permanent look ideal for those wanting to reconstruct, define and cover gaps or fill-in over-plucked eyebrows, microblading is a meticulous tattooing process for anyone seeking a more permanent solution to sparse brows.


In the USA, facial masks are making a strong comeback.

‘Masks are big business’, says Lydia Sarfati, Chairman of CIDESCO Section USA. ‘The market value of facial masks is estimated to reach more than 7.4 billion USD in 2020 alone. The true beauty of masks is that they don’t have to be a standalone treatment – they can be performed virtually anywhere and can be used in conjunction with body treatments, wax treatments and massages.’

Most recently, celebrities including Drew Barrymore and Emma Stone took to social media to reveal the facemasks they used to get ready for the prestigious Golden Globe Academy Awards. Whether hydrating sheet masks, nourishing lip masks or gold clarity masks, the different materials and formulas combined within one of the industry’s biggest selling beauty products promises to be a winner for 2017.


‘Unlike most countries, India is much more focused on the health of the skin starting from within’, says Jyotsna Thopte, CIDESCO Examiner and PR Committee Member from India. As the second most populated country in the world, it is also the ‘youngest’ country with more than 50% of the current population being under the age of 25 and over 65% being under the age of 35 naturally, this impacts beauty trends and the type of products in demand.

For the younger population living and working, the city’s environment can play havoc on the skin. The hectic pace can cause stress, whilst pollution levels and challenging weather conditions also take their toll. As a result, the demand for traditional beauty concoctions which include ingredients such as natural honey, coconut, sandalwood, turmeric, almond and sesame oil are fast becoming more and more popular in a bid to maintain a healthy and more youthful complexion.

A product labelled ‘herbal’, ‘natural’ and/or ‘organic’ has a far better response in India when compared to beauty products which may work faster in delivering results but which also contain parabens, fragrance and synthetics. Asian cultures have a deeper understanding of the long terms effects that these harmful and toxic chemicals can have on the skin, which is why they are avoided.

More “cosmo-medico” centers are also coming up where skin specialists, homeopaths and Ayurvedic doctors provide a combination of their medical services with beauty therapies from a traditional Indian heritage.


Currently making strides within the world of beauty, salons and spas, is Italy. Inspired by the traditions of ancient Rome, the country predicts that 2017 will see simplicity merge with enjoyment as the year continues.

‘In ancient Rome, spas were deemed as places to stimulate the senses of wellbeing and pleasure’, says Andrea Bovero, President of CIDESCO Section Italy. ‘As the industry continues to progress and develop, we’re finding that professional Beauty Therapists are needing to create more of a bespoke experience, tapping into the mind-set of the customer. No longer is “just a treatment” sufficient. It’s key to remember that the client is essentially a “spectator” within the theatre of wellness.’

As Andrea highlights, the human senses absorb both the positive and negative vibes within the surrounding environment which is why it’s important to create the most memorable experience possible. Together with the traditional science of beauty, this new discipline will decipher how to strategically use sensory stimulation to make unique and unforgettable experiences, ensuring customer satisfaction and

Having reflected on the beauty trends of 2016 and the coming trends for the year ahead, President of CIDESCO, Anna-Cari Gund comments, ‘Despite the ever changing beauty trends around the world, the one thing that remains constant in our industry is a united desire for education. By continuing to learn, we each put ourselves in a position which is more open to innovation and progression. That’s what makes a career within beauty not just exciting, but extremely rewarding’.

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