Bronwyn Conroy Student Awarded Student of the Year by CIBTAC

The BABTAC & CIBTAC Annual Awards is one of the most prestigious events of the year in the beauty, hair and holistic calendar. Open to over 12 thousand members, the awards see a spectrum of talent showcased each and every year. This years ceremony was the biggest in the event’s History with more than 300 people gathering to celebrate the industry Awards for 2016, held in the Hurlingham Club, London.

Whilst the official theme of the evening was James Bond, The spirit of the event was taken over by another theme, the importance of therapist skills and the way they boost clients confidence. For many people in the room there has been a long held belief that the level of skills that therapists possess should be recognised beyond the industry. CIBTAC lead the way in this regard and this celebration of talent is exactly what the industry needs to improve credibility as a career choice.

Anna Keely and Erika Copeland
Erika Copeland, winner of BABTEC Student of the Year, with Anna Keely from Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School

Erika Copeland from Co. Wicklow, was winner of ’Student of the Year’, Erika received 2 job offers on the night1 in Bali and 1 in London! A full time CIBTAC and CIDESCO student, she began studying with Bronwyn Conroy in September of 2015. A talented opera singer, “Erika had a choice to make and thankfully for the beauty industry she choose our College and to become a Therapist”, says Anna Keely, proud principal of the school, “We had an amazing night at the awards and hope to be there next year too!”, Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School were also nominated as a school for ‘Centre of The Year’, and Anna hopes that this can be added to their list of achievements next year.

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