Swiss Color Galway

Swiss Color Ireland has been introduced to Galway via Alexandra Czipa (AC), Alexandra is a fully qualified pmu artist from Hungary and also a certified trainer of Swiss Color International. Swiss Color® is a comprehensive provider of high quality permanent make-up products and it is present in more than 40 countries worldwide. Swiss Color Ireland in Galway is the exclusive distributor of Swiss Color® products in the Republic of Ireland since 2014.

Beginner Training
Learning pmu is an exciting journey – and well, it is expensive too. Training prices went incredible high the last few years and technicians often have no money left for quality equipment after completing their initial pmu training. Permanent make-up is a very precise process and is -in most cases- irreversible, therefore it is important to work with the highest quality materials. A good training comes with comprehensive theory and practical training on live models. Lack of knowledge combined with poor quality equipment puts both the client and the technician at a serious risk! For this reason Swiss Color Ireland offers free beginner training with all starter kits and helps start-ups to work with the highest quality products available in the market. Alexandra also trains students on live models and supervises their job the whole time of the training.

Courses offered by Swiss Color Ireland include;

3 days beginner permanent make-up training – eyebrows
2 days beginner permanent make-up training – eyeliner only
2 days beginner permanent make-up training – lips
non-laser permanent make-up removal training
nano brows- advanced permanent make-up training
permanent make-up training (for hyper realistic eyebrows)

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